Smart LED Mirror

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Introducing the Smart LED Mirror, your all-in-one bathroom entertainment and utility solution. This innovative LED mirror lets you watch movies, listen to music, stay updated with weather and world news, monitor your workout, reply to correspondence, and personalize your bathroom experience.

Customize it with optional accessories, including a touch switch, LED watch, and built-in cosmetic mirror for ultimate convenience and style. Upgrade your bathroom with the Smart LED Mirror and elevate your daily routine. Immerse yourself in the world of smart technology!

Our Smart mirrors are made in different size in round or rectangular shapes.

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Bathroom LED Illuminated Smart Mirror

Prioritize your personal comfort

Upgrade your lifestyle with Smart Mirrors – the comfort you truly deserve! Choose our state-of-the-art LED mirrors, redefining functionality and contemporary design. Elevate your bathroom decor with a touch of elegance and unlock effortless access to a world of media and convenience.

Our Smart Mirrors stand out with their exceptional craftsmanship, energy-efficient LED lighting, and access to must-have apps from the App Store and Google Play. Transform your daily routines with customizable LED mirrors that enable you to enjoy your favorite music, track your fitness progress, watch videos, and effortlessly manage your correspondence – all at your fingertips.

Personalize your illuminated mirror to suit your unique needs

Select your preferred shape, frame and LED color options, and arrange your widget view with ease. With a wide range of sizes and LED light tones, you’ll discover the ideal mirror to match your individual requirements. Plus, with added electronic components, your personalized mirror becomes a functional and aesthetically pleasing gadget that seamlessly complements modern, Scandinavian, or loft-style interiors.

Our Smart interactive mirrors aren’t just modern accessories; they’re essential conveniences for everyday life, enriching the lives of all household members. Don’t miss out on the future of comfort – embrace Smart Mirrors today!

Key Features

LED light colors

Illumination Switch

Smart Screen

Cosmetic Mirror


Frame colors

Let's look at the Smart Display options

Smart Display options for Smart Mirror



AppleScreen offers a seamless blend of Apple’s iconic IOS functionality right into your bathroom. Experience the convenience of operating the device in the mirror just like you would on your iPhone, with smooth navigation facilitated by an integrated wireless mouse from the trusted Logitech company.

SmartPanel by Samsung


Opt for the Mirror with the powerful SmartPanel by Samsung for an Android-powered experience, managing all your favorite apps available on the Play Store. Enjoy immersive audio with the high-quality integrated speaker, enabling you to listen to music, watch movies, and stay updated with news – all from the mirror itself. Control the device effortlessly with a sleek indicator attached to the side of the mirror, seamlessly integrated into its design, available in 10.5″ or 8.7″ displays.



For a truly immersive entertainment experience, choose the 10″ display embedded in the mirror surface, allowing you to stream music, movies, and videos directly from your smartphone. The set includes a functional remote control and a Bluetooth Speaker, providing you with the perfect blend of convenience and entertainment. Stay connected and entertained even in the bathroom – with your favorite series and YouTube at your fingertips!

Let's illuminate your vision and embark on the journey to a smarter reflection. Configure your dream Bathroom Smart LED Mirror today!