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Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Equipment

Paradise Living offers high quality ceramic tiles, bathroom equipment and accessories – all imported from Europe. With a big inventory selection and many stylish patterns – our products can be combined and lots of different variations can be created to suit every taste. Introduce us an idea an see how it is becoming reality!

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Discover contemporary kitchen design in Chicago with custom cabinets by Paradise Kitchen and Bath. Enhance both the visual appeal and practicality of your kitchen space with our tailored modern cabinets. We specialize in creating bespoke solutions that not only elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen but also optimize its functionality. Start your kitchen transformation today!
Artistic Way tiles up to 60 percent off

Artistic Way

Three types of wall tiles with lines, stripes and streaks motif in different versions.

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Artistico tiles up to 60 off


This collection explores the many shades of blue – the color appears in the three decorative ceramic tiles.

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Hika tiles 30 percent off


Large-size gres tiles with the verycharacteristic look of lastrico. Their light basecolour and large size make the bathroom appear bigger.

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Fresh Moss tiles 30 percent off

Fresh Moss

Create modern interiors with remarkable natural accents. Tiles imitate raw concrete and green moss.

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GRAVITY tiles 30 percent off


Combines the strength of fashionable deep blue and the delicacy of classic white. Fits perfectly into different styles of interior.

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GRISSA tiles up to 60 off


The aesthetics of a concrete texture is combined with two different versions of flowers to add a natural touch of the bathroom.

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Nature tiles up to 60 off


Includes gentle natural tones – white, green and brown. The wood grain, plant and abstract patterns build indoor designs full of positive energy.

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Parisen tiles up to 60 off


Feel the French style and elegance right at your fingertips in your own bathroom. The Eiffel Tower tile perfectly fits into with other tiles: white, grey and mint.

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Pret a Porter tiles up to 60 off

Pret a porter

The elegance of black and white colours for your bathroom. Tile from the collection can easily create a fashionable bathroom in any style.

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Stone flowers tiles up to 50 off

Stone flowers

The nobility of the stone combined with a subtle floral motif allows to create bathroom interiors full of harmony straight from nature.

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Vivid Colors tiles up to 60 off

Vivid Colors

Strong and distinctive colours create attractive and interesting bathroom compositions. Base ceramic tiles are available in white, blue, violet and mint.

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Calm Organic tiles up to 60 off

Calm Organic

Inspired by the shades of warm, creamy stucco, the Calm Organic collection allow to create harmonious bathrooms where to relax pleasantly.

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Kavir tiles up to 50 off


Raw, unprocessed feel of stone. The collection includes matt basic tiles available in two versions: smooth and textured.

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Arego Touch Wall and Floor Bathroom Tiles, discount 30%

Arego Touch

Concrete design ceramic tiles in earthtone colours. For a modern bathroom interior with a slightly harsh look.

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Cosima tiles 30 off


Cosima tiles give a feel of a sophisticated and classic stone bathroom interior. The collection creates a majestic atmosphere of purity and relaxation.

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Eternal tiles 30 off


Eternal tiles are inspired by stone shades to provide a great natural look for your bathroom. Black & White tiles give a harmony and elegance.

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Nerina Slash tiles 30 off

Nerina Slash

The collection is inspired by modernist simplicity in concrete material. It combines three perfectly coordinated shades: grey, ivory, taupe. The matt finish brings a subtle touch to the overall look.

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Santis tiles 30 off


A classic design inspired by stone shades with a modern twist. Santis combines both very strong and extremely subtle stone graphics in shadows of white with dark veining.

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Conteporary Kitchen Cabinets

Elevate your kitchen with our bespoke custom kitchen cabinets or experience timeless elegance with our shaker cabinets. Contact us today to discuss your unique kitchen cabinet needs and let’s craft your dream kitchen together. Don’t settle for ordinary – make your culinary space extraordinary with us!

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