Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Single Drawer

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Model Size Color Dimensions
0712 30″ Graphite Wood Finish 29.5″x18.9″x15.7″
0713 30″ Rose Wood Finish 29.5″x18.9″x15.7″
0714 30″ Gloss White Finish 29.5″x18.9″x15.7″
0715 30″ Stone Gray Finish 29.5″x18.9″x15.7″
0700 36″ Graphite Wood Finish 35.2″x18.9″x15.7″
0701 36″ Rose Wood Finish 35.2″x18.9″x15.7″
0702 36″ Gloss White Finish 35.2″x18.9″x15.7″
0703 36″ Stone Gray Finish 35.2″x18.9″x15.7″
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Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity is an easy and elegant way to fit more necessities into your bathroom and to provide ample storage in a small space. The vanity set provides a beautiful addition to your bathroom with a clean modern look.


  • Single Drawer
  • No Faucet Holes
  • Cabinet available in four colors
  • Single Bowl
  • White Acrylic
Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity 0715