Freedom Luxury Vinyl Floor

SKU Size Color Wear Layer Thickness Overall Thickness
HF-US30 7.7″x60″ Madison 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US31 7.7″x60″ Hoover 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US32 7.7″x60″ Lincoln 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US33 7.7″x60″ Franklin 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US34 7.7″x60″ Keneddy 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US35 7.7″x60″ Hamilton 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US36 7.7″x60″ Washington 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US37 7.7″x60″ Jefferson 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US38 7.7″x60″ Jackson 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US39 7.7″x60″ Tyler 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US40 7.7″x60″ Garnt 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US41 7.7″x60″ Truman 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US42 7.7″x60″ Roosevelt 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US43 7.7″x60″ Chesapeake 20 mil 5.7 mm
HF-US44 7.7″x60″ Jamestown 20 mil 5.7 mm
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Freedom Luxury Vinyl Floor - 15 colors

Ignite the Unbridled Essence of American Pride

Introducing Freedom Luxury Vinyl Floor, the latest addition to our jawdropping Made in the USA collection. It includes all the features and style you’d expect from premium LVP. This flooring boasts a robust 5.7mm overall thickness that packs a punch with our top-notch Stabilicor Plus® core and a tough 20 mil wear layer. But that’s not all! We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure every step you take is a luxurious one. Say goodbye to noise and discomfort with the plush 1.2mm XPS acoustical cushion that makes your every stride soft, silent, and oh-so-comfy. With fifteen dazzling color options featuring exquisite painted bevels, you’ll have the perfect palette to infuse your floor with a patriotic vibe that’ll make heads turn.

Get ready to unleash the true spirit of American pride on your floors with Freedom!



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Click Lock / Floating

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25 Year Limited Residential

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Additional Benefits


Kid Friendly

Vinyl floors ensure the safety of your entire family through the implementation of specially designed surfaces, coatings, and wear layers.

Pet Friendly

The presence of four-legged friends can result in additional spills and accidents. However, thanks to the durable wear layers, your floors remain safeguarded and free from worries.


Our vinyl floors are specially designed to be completely waterproof, shielding your flooring from any surface spills, including those caused by pets.

Floorscore certified

Rest assured that our flooring products uphold rigorous air quality standards, as validated by this globally recognized certification.


Experience the benefits of our luxury vinyl floor product, enhanced with exclusive technology that effectively deters the proliferation of microorganisms upon contact with its surface.

Scratch & Slip Resistance

All the vinyl floors are meticulously crafted to comply with the national ASTM standards for scratch and slip resistance, making them exceptionally valuable in bustling commercial or residential spaces with high foot traffic.


Additional information

Plank Size

7.7" x 60"

Planks per Box



28.84 sq. ft.

Boxes per Pallet



1586.20 sq. ft.

Installation Type

Click Lock / Floating

Wear Layer Thickness

20 mil

Overall Thickness

5.7mm (4.5mm + 1.2mm XPS Pad)