Black Glossy

$7.25 sq. ft.

Black, smooth wall tile with glossy finish. Tiles from Pret-à-Porter collection creates a classic and stylish bathroom interiors.

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Pret-à-Porter - black and white classic

Pret-à-Porter tile collection is a timeless combination of the two contrasting colours – black and white. It helps you create a fashionable and comfort bathroom interiors. The collection includes base tiles in black and white, decorative tiles and black border tile. Base tiles are available in smooth glossy and textured (imitating textile/cloth) variants.

There are 3 types of decorative tiles: with a mosaic motif, floral motif, and a beautiful, brick-styled structural tile, that can be appreciated by retro enthusiasts. The three-piece floral composition is printed on glass for an elegant artistic-style bathroom.

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